About Us

  • Sun Ray Solar Solutions was established May 2008

  • Sun Ray Solar Solutions  welcomes you to Love solar too. We need you to appreciate the change to solar and to live in solace and without dread of your electricity bills. ‘Sun Ray Solar Solutions’ enables you to use clean vitality and appreciate free power from the sun. It is our obsession to give you extraordinary consumer loyalty and administration in each part of your solar systeminstallation.

  • Throughout the years, ‘Sun Ray Solar Solutions’ has created and popularized one of a kind solar power arrangements modified for every application. These incorporate housetop frameworks for various sorts of rooftops (RCC floor, modern metal rooftop), solarized petroleum siphons, DC water siphons for farming and household necessity. ‘Organization Name’ has solid spotlight on consistent effectiveness enhancement and decrease in Rs./watt through creative arrangements and vertical combination. With our insight into the photovoltaic space, we can use worldwide sourcing of excellent, dependable and financially savvy solar systems into different segments.



Tel: 61414165588

Mango Hill, Brisbane QLD

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