Solar for Agriculture

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Solar Farm
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Farm Sheds

Farm Sheds

 In recent times, the farming and agricultural community of Australia has experienced wildly fluctuating environmental and economic conditions. Costs are going up, whilst retailers and supermarkets are driving retail costs down. The reality being our farmers are working more for less. Your solar solution can dramatically improve your bottom line, along with enhancing your reputation, as a renewable energy ambassador. We know the lights are on and it’s not your core focus as to how much they’re costing you, but as a business, saving money and the environment no doubt is. That’s where Sun Ray Solar Solutions can work with you to maximise efficiencies.

Solar Farms


As significant landholders, ground-mounted solar could be a valuable option for your business. If not, roof mounted is naturally available to take full advantage of your property. Either way, energy savings from solar can provide significant operating cost reductions to improve your bottom line.Sun Ray Solar Solutions has a long and strong proven track record in the poultry growers, organic and non-organic produce, livestock & dairy industries.

Poultry growers                         Organic & Non organic Produce                       Livestock & Dairy

      Eggs                                      Green leaf                                                       Pig

      Meat                                      Citus                                                                Beef

                                                    Stone Fruit

                                                    Wheat & Barley                                                                                                                                             Nuts & Assorted Grains

Regenerative Agriculture Solar Energy


Combining Solar and grazing to utilize all resources available

Regenerative Energy™ is an outcome-driven, verified, certified product that combines clean electricity generation with carbon sequestration, ecosystem restoration, and rural revitalization. Regenerative Energy™ projects are built and operated in alignment with natural systems and approach solar farming holistically. A transformative new standard of excellence for the solar industry, Regenerative Energy™ aims to improve the way the solar industry manages land by normalizing regenerative agriculture practices on solar farm sites.

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