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         *Save on energy costs
              With over 80% energy savings compare to incandescents

       *Save on re-lamping
           Achieve up to 30,000 hours of use on a single LED globe

          *Save yourself time
           LEDs reach max brightness instantly, no warm-up/cool down

         *Save our environment
         Reduce environment impact by cutting energy use and re-lamping

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Reduce your lighting costs by 50%.

The ENSA™ LED T8 tube light series are a highly efficient fluorescent tube replacement that deliver better quality & longer lasting light and do not fade or flicker. Available in 18W (1200mm) and 22W (1500mm) and the PIR motion sensor series is available in 9W (600mm) and 18W (1200mm).

The ENSA™ LED 13W linkable strip light is available in warm and cool white and offers energy efficient lighting in a versatile, slim package. Connect three LED strip lights together for a maximum 3.5m length.

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Commercial Lighting
Residential Lighting

LPL-A series: Low unied glare rating panel lighting in 36W and 48W models ENSA™ LED panel lights are for replacing traditional tube lighting and are best suited for oce and business, in medical and educational environments, in conference rooms, and more. These convenient and ecient lights have a standard rectangular prole (1200 x 300mm) and can be easily recessed in tiled ceilings, surface mounted or suspension mounted. Each ENSA™ LED panel light features a low Unied Glare Rating, providing a pleasing light that isn’t distracting or detrimental to workplace productivity. They are the ecient LED upgrade solution for uorescent tube troers. • Minimalist, stylish & ecient 9mm thick LED panel light. • Recessed, suspension & surface mounting options. • Available in cool white and natural white colour temp. • Low UGR: Create pleasing, low glare, well lit spaces. • 30,000hrs LED lifespan & <3% light decay over 6,000hrs. • Designed to easily replace uorescent troer xtures.

LED Retrot Bulb Lighting LBL-B Series: Available in a variety of styles and wattages, in two colour temperatures Available in a variety of base xtures, input voltages, wattages and colour temperatures, the LBL series of LED retrot bulbs provides an easy path to energy ecient, long life LED illumination. They are available in G4, G9, E14, E27 and E40 bases. LBL-BA series G4 and LBL-BB series G9 base lights are ideal replacements for halogen lamps and are used in cabinet lights, designer ttings, RV & caravan lamps, in bathrooms & kitchens and more. The LBL-BC series E14 base lights replace small ttings such as those found in appliance lighting, whereas the much larger LBL-BD (E27 base) and BE (E40 base) series lights are heavy duty LED replacements for inecient lamp post bulbs and metal-halide high bay bulbs. • Replacement bulbs for a wide range of base xtures. • Improve energy eciency & save on relamping costs. • 30,000 hours rated service life and high colour accuracy. • Power exible: Includes 12VDC and 240VAC input models.

1.5W E14 Residential Retrofit LED Bulb (6000K)

1.5W E14 Residential Retrofit LED Bulb (3000K)

The LHB-A series available in 80W, 120W, 160W and 200W models comprises energy efficient bay lighting built for demanding industrial and commercial environments. Each model features an innovative aluminium heatsink and Samsung LEDs for reliability and performance.

The LEDHB series available in 150W and 200W models, is assembled and tested in Australia and features heatsinks with phase-change cooling technology and precision-built glass lens, removing the need for reflectors.

Professional 80W 6500K LED High Bay Light

Professional 120W 6500K LED High Bay Light

Professional 160W 6500K LED High Bay Light

Professional 200W 6500K LED High Bay Light