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                                       Operation and Maintenance

Sun Ray Solar Solutions is the trusted renewable energy Operations and Maintenance partner for                                 countless businesses across the Australia

We provide both preventative and predictive maintenance for commercial electrical technologies including SolarBatteryEV Chargers .

Our services give you peace of mind for the lifetime of your facilities. The result? Equipment that operates safely and efficiently, achieves optimal                                performance and enables the delivery of your environmental and financial goals.

                 At Sun Ray Solar Solutions:

  • We are a recognised market leader in commercial energy technologies

  • We are a friendly and highly qualified team

  • Customer satisfaction is our priority

  • All systems can be part of the same assurances and compliance by taking our regular safety inspection


  • Even if your systems were not installed by Bullagreen Energy, you can find confidence in us as your new partner

      The team at Sun Ray Solar solutions have developed a comprehensive O&M service suite.  From this service suite, you can select your own bespoke tailored                      package to suit your business needs.

          What our Operation and Maintenance (O&M) service includes:

                 Maintenance Inspections

Typically, an annually planned visit to assess that your facilities are working safely and efficiently. We do this to support the optimum performance of your                    renewable energy investment and as part of your annual electrical compliance.

               Maintenance Repairs

As a large solar commercial installer, we have built strong relationships with many major manufacturers, suppliers of inverters and associated equipment.                   This network enables us to respond effectively to repair requests nationwide.

We can attend to faults and breakdowns from a simple inverter exchange, minor rewiring or data issues. Reactive or scheduled visits to repair or replace                     components that are not working safely or efficiently will aid the best performance of your renewable investment. 

               Operational Call Incident Facility

 Our clients can expect an expert in their time of need for callouts.

               Operational Performance Reporting

We provide monthly performance reports so our clients can have full visibility of the efficiency of their renewable energy investment.

               Operational Warranty Claims

We manage your warranty claims on failed components and will work to replace or repair faulty equipment.


Although most renewable energy systems require little cleaning, dirt can accumulate and reduce the performance of your solar facilities. Therefore, it is                      important to have regular cleaning.

           Design and Integration of a Future Proof Energy Centre for New Renewable Technology

As your renewable energy partner,  you have full access to our team of experts to plan and design further renewable energy facilities to reduce your                            reliance on the grid.

                Solar Maintenance & Monitoring

Our preventative solar operation and maintenance plan is designed to maximise your solar PV investment return and to help with your risk management                    as part of your annual electrical compliance regime.
We recommend annual solar panel maintenance for all commercial PV systems in addition to daily monitoring.

Our solar panel monitoring facilities can identify potential generation issues, allowing immediate attention before they become bigger, more expensive                        problems. 

               Regular Maintenance Visits 

Our team of experts will schedule in regular maintenance visits that suit you. Solar PV systems are subject to sustained high working loads during peak                    months. This can place components under considerable stress, it is important that the condition of components are regularly checked to capture early                      signs of deterioration and premature wear and tear. This can prevent more significant problems later, reducing the possibility of complete breakdown,                        therefore minimizing downtime and maximizing yield.