Are you considering a Power Purchase Agreement? In addition to zero up-front outlay in some cases, the advantages for commercial operations, government entities and other organisations of sourcing solar power via a solar PPA or operating lease through Bullagreen Energy:

  • Removal of the burden of ownership of a system

  • Electricity remains an operational expense

  • Savings on electricity costs

  • Built in redundancy – you maintain access to mains grid power.

  • Operating lease generation guarantees

  • Hedges electricity price rise risk

  • Full O&M servicing + 24/7 remote monitoring

  • Potential to easily expand and/or add on new technologies as required

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What is a Solar PPA

We were one of the first providers in Australia to offer a solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Solar PPA is a long term contract to purchase electricity generated by a solar panel system installed at your premises.

Features and benefits include:

  • Monthly payments per unit electricity delivered

  • Solar PPA electricity reduces your grid electricity purchases

  • Solar PPA electricity is charged at agreed prices for the duration of the contract

  • Flexible lease terms between 10 –20 years with extension and early buyout options

  • We maintain and manage the system throughout the solar PPA term

  • Provides future certainty over electricity expenditure

What is an Operating Lease

A Solar Operating Lease is a contract to pay a fixed monthly amount for consuming electricity generated by a solar power system on your premises. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fixed monthly payment for all electricity delivered

  • A solar lease reduces your organisation’s dependence on electricity from the grid

  • System generation guarantee

  • Flexible lease terms between 7 –15 years

  • We maintain and manage the system throughout the lease term

  • Provides future certainty over electricity costs