• Convection Cooling (no fan required)
  • Graphic Display
  • Ethernet and WLAN, with Web UI
  • 5 year parts and labor warranty

It all remains the best: The new transformerless Sunny Boy is the ideal solution, especially for demanding PV arrays and partly shaded plants. Version 20 of the successful Sunny Boy offers a further array of advantages. It's more flexible in its range of applications, provides even more efficient yields, and it's easier to use. The high DC voltage of 750 V proves to be a cost advantage, since fewer parallel strings are required. In addition, the integrated grid management functions make the devices suitable for universal applications and allow them to actively support the grid.

5000W SMA 2-MPPT

SKU: SMA-SB5000TL-21
  • 5000W SMA Grid Feed Inverter
    Max Power Output: 5000W AC
    Max Voltage Input: 750V DC
    MPPT Operating Range: 175-500V DC