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Solar Panels for Business

Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment or secure future energy generation for your business, we are the experts in commercial rooftop installations having installed solar panels for over 500 businesses in the Australia ranging from SME’s to large corporates and iconic new-builds.

Experience a prompt service from a company driving the market through innovation. Our consultative approach to solar offers you industry-leading advice and solutions from financing a solar panel installation, to designing a system with your interests and motives in mind, right through to having your own designated project manager to ensure an effective installation and handover.

We also deliver excellence in health & safety, innovating new methods and techniques to work even safer to give you peace of mind whilst your business continues to operate.

Our relationship with you doesn’t stop after the installation; we offer a comprehensive operation and maintenance service to monitor your solar panels (in real-time) and respond to any faults throughout the lifetime of your system.

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Why should I consider solar panels for my business?

Despite the recent cuts to the Feed in Tariffs, solar panels are still a viable option that should be a serious consideration for businesses all over the Australia for one or more of the following reasons;

Save money

Solar panels help your business save money by generating free, green electricity to be used onsite, lowering your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and saving you thousands of pounds every year on energy bills.

Save the environment

Generating your own electricity from solar reduces your carbon output and could offset most, if not all, of your business’ carbon emissions. With climate change a major topic of concern at the moment, green initiatives are a popular strategy for a business to achieve competitive advantage in their industry and strengthen relationships with their supply chain and customers.

Energy security

It’s an alarming reality that the grid is currently struggling to generate significant electricity supply to meet the growing demands of the Australia. The cost of your business going off-grid needs to be considered against a solar panel installation that would keep you in supply should the unthinkable happen. The Government have already introduced mandatory energy audits from large businesses through energy saving methods, hinting that future energy usage from the grid could also be regulated.

Discover more about the change in feed-in tariffs, here.

Business finance options for solar panel installations

Even though the feed-in tariff was heavily cut in January 2016, it’s still possible for your business to make good financial returns if buying a solar PV system outright. However, for businesses that don’t have the capital, or would like the benefits of solar but prefer to invest their capital elsewhere, we can offer advice on your options for financing

If your business meets certain criteria, you may be eligible for a fully funded system through a power purchase agreement, where solar panels are installed on your roof at no cost to your business and generated electricity is purchased back from the funder significantly cheaper than your existing supplier; saving you thousands of pounds a year off your energy bills.


Battery storage solutions

Integrating a solar panel system with an onsite solar battery storage solution is also a great way to leverage additional financial and energy security benefits for your business. By storing and using all of the self-generated electricity instead of exporting surplus energy back to the grid, you can realise even greater savings, in addition to further reducing your reliance on the National Gird. Having energy stored onsite can also protect your business from power cuts and allow you to remain operational.

The commercial rooftop experts with multi-sector experience

We’ve consistently maintained focus on installing solar panels on commercial rooftops. This has allowed us to become experts in our field, whilst others have diluted their experience with ground mount solar. We are forced into back into the rooftop market due to reduced Government support for ground-mount solar farms; nobody knows solar in a commercial rooftop environment like we do.

As previously highlighted, we have a wide range of experience across all industry sectors working with different businesses from small independent retailers installing a handful of solar panels, up to multi-megawatt blue-chip companies.



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