Utilise Instant Asset Write-Off means businesses benefit from electricity savings of up to 90% or more, while simultaneously consuming clean renewable energy.

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Why Solar Transport Hub ?

Controlling and reducing operating costs is often at the forefront of strategy for Transport, Freight & Logistics businesses. In a hypercompetitive landscape, maintaining an economical cost structure is key for business continuity and growth.  Recent electricity price rises have seen energy costs increase significantly for Transport, Freight & Logistics organisations, with some businesses seeing increases upwards of 30%. Commercial solar provides a viable long-term solution to reducing energy costs and mitigating against future price rises. Solar allows greater control over energy without any impact on operations with solutions that do not require capital expenditure, improving cash flows almost immediately. We’ve outlined some more specific reasons why commercial solar is suited to Transport, Freight & Logistics companies below:

  • Energy can be a significant budget line-item of which there is little control over – solar can provide significant control over these costs.

  • Businesses that have constant energy usage are well suited to solar which can help to reduce peak usage.

  • Supply chain organisations often have large facilities with significant roof space to implement solar.

  • Commercial solar can protect against future electricity price rises.

  • In a carbon intensive industry, commercial solar provides hassle-free carbon abatement which can be used as a core sustainability strategy.

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Traditionally, a power purchase agreement, or PPA, is a contract between a government agency and a private utility company. The private company agrees to produce electricity, or some other power source, for the government agency over a long period of time. Most PPA partners are locked into contracts that last between 15 and 25 years, but they can otherwise vary dramatically in terms of the commissioning process, curtailments, transmission issue resolution, credit, insurance, and environmental regulations.
Blockchain Based Payment Solution Electric Trucks

Automated Payment Transaction for process between electric truck and charging station it docks at for its electricity needs.

Digitalisation has transformed the transportation sector, bringing the concept of connected vehicles making them smart enough to be interacted with, unlike traditional vehicles that were designed with the singular intent of moving of moving people of freight. Connected vehicles have allowed automakers and service providers to tap into various data streams flowing out of vehicles in real time, which is used to create insights into vehicle operation and maintainance.

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